Saturna Island


A hidden gem off the inside coast of Vancouver Island's picturesque and fruitful shoreline. 


The red cherry of the cigarette glows with comforting similarity to the soft summer sun dipping towards the horizon. A bead of condensation drips slowly down the can of beer, sliding past the bright contrasting colours as it softly falls towards the parched earth. Dried grass crinkles under my toes and through my soft cotton dress as we lay our dusty legs down in the middle of the pitch.


Where: Saturna Island | British Columbia | Canada

What to eat: Be sure to stop at Wild Thyme Coffee House - an adorable and delicious coffee shop located in an old double decker bus just up the ferry hill when you arrive on the island. Grab the best London Fog of your life, rather a "Lyall Harbour Fog" from the bus and take a seat upstairs surrounded by tree branches, checkered tablecloths, and fellow island folk. 

For groceries and booze head to the Saturna General Store for all your camping and cabin needs. 

If you're early for the ferry or just craving a sunset beer, head in to the Saturna Lighthouse Pub for a broad selection of brews and the perfect spot to watch the sun dip behind the mountains. 

[Shot] With: Pentax MX | expired film

◖ Tips◗

• Be sure to take a walk (or camp) down at Narvaez Bay. Arbutus trees hang above clear blue waters and tall grassy meadows are dotted with the bright colours of happy campers tucked in their tents. Tall rock walls surround the narrow part of the bay and appear to be a landing zone for whistling bald eagles and jet black ravens alike.

• Not only does the Saturna Island Pub offer many options to quench your thirst, but it also hosts a small campground complete with parking, shower, restrooms, and drinking water.

• Take a scenic drive down to Winter Cove Marine Park to take in the beautiful boats at anchor, the pleasant walk down Boat Pass Trail, and the tumultuous rapids separating Samuel and Saturna Islands. 

• Don't miss a sunset walk to East Point Lighthouse. Watch the last rays light up Tumbo  Island and Cabbage Island across the Tumbo Channel, often filled with adventurous kayakers and families coming in from an evening fish. The old Fog Alarm building stands tall, painted bright white, with a sharp rust coloured red roof... a beacon to be seen from a distance and a place of historical solace for those viewing the site today.