There is a place.

There is a place tucked away in the rolling sand swells of the Californian desert. A place where the sun, stars, and moon all share one vast sky. A place where you open your sleepy eyes and bring into focus shiny purple walls, counters, shag carpet and wigs, in a themed trailer described as waking up 'inside a genie bottle'...


... A place where you can shoot guns and pull arrows into the wee hours of the morning with a beer in your hand and a dart hanging off your lip. A place where the jukebox never quite stops serenading you and each song has the background singer of the "ping ping ping" coming from an ancient arcade machine with any game you will ever dream of playing on it. A place where your screen door opens with a creak and the fake green turf grass scratches the soles of your feet as you place them on the warm ground...


 ... A place where a single glance to each side fills your vision with a gypsy wagon, vintage airstream (the Land Yacht, of course), a trailer painted to look like a log cabin, and a kidney bean shaped pool complete with retro pool chairs and a scruffy white dog hanging poolside with his eyes closed and belly turned to the sun. 


A small slice of heaven exists in a themed trailer park (Hicksville Trailer Palace) inside an inconspicuous wooden gate on the side of a dirt road in the middle of the desert. Go find it. 

Where: Hicksville Trailer Palace | Joshua Tree, California | USA

What to eat: Pick up groceries and booze at the Walmart in Yucca Valley on the way into Joshua Tree

With: Nikon F100 | Kodak 400 film