We hit the Twentynine Palms Highway with a full tank of gas and the top cranked down. Ponytails flying in the windy and sandy grins on our faces we made our way up the lolling hill to the elusive 'Mirage' art installation created by Doug Aitken. The house is like nothing you've ever seen before... each side drawing your eye to the glimmering walls like a bird to a shiny object, while simultaneously reflecting every inch of the landscape around you. The soft brown rock perfectly contrasting the clear blue sky. Tentatively padding down the mirrored hallways of the interior, you realize every single wall and ceiling is a mirror reflecting your every move whether it be the twitch of an eye or slight falter in your step. The mirage is endless, changing with every passing moment as new cloud passes in the sky or a green bud begins to bloom. 



Where: 'Mirage' by Doug Aitken | Palm Springs, California | USA

Directions: At the junction of North Palm Canyon Drive and West Racquet Club Road head west to the end of West Racquet Club Road and follow the road straight up to the art installation - it's the big shiny house, can't miss it!

[Shot] With: Nikon F100 | Kodak 400 film